For those who don’t like to wait

Avana is the top gift for everybody, who just doesn’t like to wait for the erection. When the mountain won’t move to Mohammed, he will move to the mountain. That’s why the researches came up with this new force in the battle with impotency and erectile dysfunction. There are things that CAN wait, however when you forgot to take your pill and your partner is already lying on bed naked, ready for some action, there is no better way than actually pop some pill in last minute and make that final stand. There has been an increasing demand for even faster effect and shorter waiting time. It might have to do something with the general lack of time in the lives of men.

The rules are still there

You should however still have in mind, that these pills are still PDE5 inhibitors, they are not so different from older Cialis, Viagra or Spedra. You should always act according to the information on the back and you should watch your daily dose. These drugs are not aphrodisiacs, so even if the effect comes FAST, you should always get some juices flowing before that.